Gal Hochman

  • Gal Hochman is an Associate Professor in Agricultural, Food, and Resource Economics. Dr. Hochman received his Ph.D. in Economics at Columbia University in 2004, and joined Rutgers University in 2011 as an Associate Professor. While coming out of his Ph.D. he focused on international trade agreements and crony capitalism, the stay at UC Berkeley introduced him to energy and agricultural biotechnology. Dr. Hochman’s current work focuses on the political economy of fuel policy, as well as the economics of renewable energy. His research shows the importance of modeling OPEC as a cartel-of-nations and identifies key factors affecting fuel policy. Dr. Hochman’s work also quantifies the importance of inventories in the 2007/08 food commodity price spike. His work on energy, trade, and the environment shows that allocation of rights among different entities along the supply chain has distributional impacts, which can become a stumbling block to a climate agreement.