John Miranowski

  • John Miranowski is Professor of Economics at Iowa State. He teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in natural resource and environmental economics (including biofuel economics, agricultural resource and environmental policy, climate change, and rural development) and has published several articles on these topics. He was an influential member of the NAS-NAE-NRC Committee on Alternative Transportation Fuels Panel (2007-2009) and the NRC Committee on Economic and Environmental Impacts of Increasing Biofuel Production 2009-2011 in preparation and writing of both biofuel reports.


    Previously, he served as Director of the Resources and Technology Division, ERS, and Special Assistant, Office of the Secretary, USDA, 1984-1995, and received USDA Distinguished Service Award for Biofuel Program Development. He earned his BS from ISU, and MA and PhD from Harvard in economics.