Govinda Timilsina

  • Govinda Timilsina is a Senior Research Economist in the Research Department at the World Bank, Washington, DC. He has more than 18 years experience across a board range of energy and climate change economics at the international level. His key expertise includes energy-economic modeling; climate change mitigation, renewable energy and electricity economics & planning. Prior to joining the World Bank, Dr. Timilsina was a Senior Research Director at the Canadian Energy Research Institute, Calgary, Canada. Dr. Timilsina has recently completed a major World Bank study on economic, social and environmental impacts of large-scale expansion biofuels at the global level. Currently he is leading several country specific biofuels studies in Argentina, China, Mali, Nepal, Zambia and Zimbabwe.


    2015 Presentation: “Global Biofuel Development after the 2007/8 Financial Crisis”