Bob Abt

  • Dr. Abt is a Professor of Natural Resource Economics and Management at NC State University. He teaches forest economics and natural resource management. He has 25 years of experience in bio-economic modeling of southern forest resources and markets. He developed the Sub-Regional Timber Supply (SRTS) modeling framework initially for the USDA Forest Service in the South’s Fourth Forest study for which he received an award “for innovative research in developing the first usable system for projecting inventory trends at the state-level.” Interest in use of the modeling framework for strategic planning led to the formation of the Southern Forest Resource Assessment Consortium (SOFAC) at NC State. SOFAC is a consortium of over 20 forest resource dependent entities including most of the major wood consumers and corporate landowners (TIMOs and REITs) in the South. Recently membership has expanded to include major utilities and environmental organizations. In the last five years work has focused on the potential impact of bio-energy demand on the sustainability of the resource and traditional wood dependent industries.