Marcos Fava Neves

  • Marcos Fava Neves, born in 1968, a is Professor of Planning and Strategy at the School of Business (FEARP) of the University of Sao Paulo, Brazil and an international expert on global food and agribusiness issues. Graduated as an Agronomic Engineer from ESALQ/USP in 1991, did MSc. in 1995 and PhD. in Management from the FEA/USP School of Economics and Business in 1999. He completed post-graduate studies in European Agribusiness & Marketing in France (1995) and Marketing Channels and Networks in the Netherlands (1998/1999). In 2013 he is doing a sabbatical year at Purdue University, USA. In this same location he started his studies at 8 years old, while his father was doing PhD. and worked also as a paperboy for Journal and Courier.


    He gave more than 400 presentations in Brazil and 150 in 15 other countries.  His writing is focused on supplying methods for strategic planning and value creation, capture and sharing for businesses and food chains, publishing more than 100 articles in international journals. Author and editor of 35 books by 10 different publishers in Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, South Africa, China, Netherlands, United Kingdom and the USA, mostly on food business and strategic planning and management. He is a regular contributor for China Daily Newspaper, Folha de São Paulo in Brazil and wrote 2 case studies for Harvard Business School, in 2009 and 2010.


    Besides being a Board member of Brazilian companies, his private experiences involved working at Botucatu Citrus (lemon exporter) in 1993; at Vallee (animal health company) in 1994/1995; and at last he was the CEO of Inova Holding, controller of Brazilian’s second largest bioethanol company in 2008/2009.


    He is now working at the University and in Markestrat think tank, created by him in 2004 to address food and agribusiness issues and now home of 20 of his Masters and PhD graduates, doing more than 150 international projects for private and public corporations.