Signorini, Guilherme: Michigan State University

  • Guilherme Signorini, Graduate Research Assistant at Michigan State University
    Signorini has developed research in renewable energy and sustainability applied to the agri-food industry. He focuses on economic and management analysis of bioenergy markets and discusses the evolution and future implications of clean energy uses. Signorini earned his bachelor’s degree in agricultural engineering with specialization in agribusiness at University of São Paulo, Brazil. In his undergraduate program he experienced research in agri-industrial technology and crop science. In 2006 he was awarded with a merit of honor in the ‘V National Environmental Education on Agribusiness Workshop’. He has been a graduate student at Michigan State University and has worked as research assistant at Product Center since 2009. He has publications in avariety of journals and magazines focused on bioeconomy and institutional analysis. For more information, including a list of Signorini’s publications, please click here.