Richardson, James: Texas A&M

  • Dr. James W. Richardson, Regents Professor of agricultural economics, has research and graduate teaching, responsibilities in public policy and simulation analysis. Richardson’s research has attracted national recognition by emphasizing quantitative, risk based policy analyses through the use of farm-level simulation models (FLIPSIM).

    Evaluating the farm-level impacts of agricultural and tax policies on crop, livestock, and dairy farms is Richardson’s specialty. His research is largely responsible for the ability of AFPC to evaluate the implications of policy decisions at the farm level — the analytical dimension for which the Center is best known. As new policies are considered, their consequences are evaluated and the results are provided to policymakers, producers, producer groups, and policy analysts.

    Richardson’s research also involves quantitatively evaluating the impacts of new technology on the economic viability of agricultural firms, farm program formulation, farm structure, and competitiveness of U.S. agriculture. Richardson has recently developed a simulation language and data analysis package (Simetar¬©) for teaching risk analysis and for policy analysis modeling.

    Richardson received degrees in agricultural economics from New Mexico State University and Oklahoma State University. He has received four Awards for Professional Excellence from the American Agricultural Economics Association, the TAMU Faculty Distinguished Achievement Award for Research, Southern Agricultural Economics Association Distinguished Professional Contribution Award for Research and for Extension, Western Agricultural Economics Association Teaching Award, Deputy Chancellor’s Distinguished Performance Team Awards for both Research and for Extension Education twice, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Honor Professor, and Deputy Chancellor Award for TAES Faculty Fellow and Senior Faculty Fellow, TAMU Regents Professor, two USDA Administrators Awards, and the Farm Foundation Award for Outstanding Achievement in Public Issues Education.