Jenner, Mark: University of California, Davis

  • Mark Jenner is a biomass systems economist with the California Biomass Collaborative. His expertise is in biomass production and conversion technologies, environmental and energy policies, and creating and adding value to biomass.

    Since 2009, Mark Jenner has been modeling the adoption economics of purpose grown energy crops with the California Biomass Collaborative, at the University of California Davis. In 2003 he began his consulting firm Biomass Rules, LLC, which conducts feasibility studies on value-added biomass projects and biomass inventories. In 2006, Mark wrote the BioTown, USA Sourcebook for the State of Indiana and writes the biomass energy outlook column for BioCycle Magazine.

    Mark Jenner has a PhD in ag economics in production systems, two MS degrees in manure management, a BS in agronomy, and 30 years of professional experience spanning three continents.