Hochman, Gal: University of California, Berkeley

  • Gal Hochman, after receiving his Ph.D. in Economics at Columbia University in 2004, joined the Faculty of Industrial Engineering and Management at the Technion, Israel. Since then, he visited UC Berkeley and later became an Assistant Researcher at UC Berkeley. A position he currently holds. Gal works on trade agreements, energy, the environment, and biotechnology. His research sheds new light on the economics of multilateral trade agreements, and shows how uncertainty affects the enforceability of these self-enforcing agreements. His research on energy, and its interactions with trade, the environment, and agriculture, shows the importance of modeling OPEC as a cartel-of-nations, whereas his work on food and fuel illustrates the importance of inventories. Gal’s work on adoption and environmental regulation expands the putty-clay framework and introduces short-run technical modifications. His work on the regulation of ag biotechnology tries to identify political economic incentives for creating regulatory barriers to entry. He has attended and presented papers at numerous conferences, including the ASSA, the CEA, the Econometric Society, the ACS, and the EEA.

    Email: galh@berkeley.edu

    Website: http://nature.berkeley.edu/~ghochman/