Gilless, Keith: University of California, Berkeley

  • Professor J. Keith Gilless is the Dean of the College of Natural Resources (CNR) and professor of Forest Economics and Management, holding a joint appointment in the departments of Environmental Science, Policy and Management and Agricultural and Resource Economics.  Gilless has served CNR as Executive Associate Dean, Associate Dean for Forestry, as a divisional chair in the department of Environmental Science, Policy and Management, and as chair of CNR’s Executive Committee and he represents the College on the Executive Council of the UC Systemwide Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources.  Over the course of his career he has served in a variety of UC Systemwide and Berkeley campus Academic Senate leadership positions.

    Gilless earned his B.S. in Forestry from Michigan State University and his joint Ph.D. in Forestry and Agricultural Economics. His career includes teaching and research in Europe, Asia and Central America.  Gilless’ research is focused on trade in forest products, regional economic analysis of resource-dependent communities, wildland fire protection planning, forestry development and forest management decision analysis.  He is particularly well known for his textbooks in forest resource management and his modeling work on the pulp and paper industry and wildland fire protection systems.