da Silveira, José Maria: IE-Unicamp, Brazil

  • Jose Maria da Silveira: Agronomist, MS in Economics, Doctor in Economics, University of Campinas. Assistant Professor – IE/UNICAMP. Director of the Center of Agriculture Economics and Environmental Studies,- NEA – Institute of Economics and Senior Researcher in The Study Group on the Organization of Research and Innovation/Institute of Geosciences- GEOPI, University of Campinas. Researcher of the National Science and Research Council, CNPQ. level 2. Coordinator of the Project: “Organizational Design of BIOEN Program: Intellectual Property, Incentive Mechanism and Impact Evaluation”. Coordinator of the Brazilian Components 1.2 and 2: “Socio-economic Impacts of Agricultural Biotechnology on Biodiversity”. Project to GEF- World Bank, Biosafety in Centers of Biodiversity: Building Technical Capacity in Latin America for Safe Deployment of Transgenic Crops (A multi-country approach for Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, México & Peru).