Anthony Fisher

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    AERE Luncheon, Prepared Remarks

    (Trudy Ann Cameron, AERE President, 2007-2008)

    In looking through Tony’s publications record, it seems he has been producing a couple of prominently placed papers in most years since about 1974 and he shows no sign of letting up any time soon. This unremitting effort has created a huge amount of value-added for our profession. Today’s program calls out the very influential 1974 QJE paper with Arrow (winner of the 1995 AERE Publication of Enduring Quality Award), as well as the classic 1976 JEL environmental economics survey with Peterson, the 1981 retrospective (with Devarajan) on Hotelling’s contributions, and Tony’s 1981 book on Resource and Environmental Economics.

    We would be remiss, however, not to acknowledge some of Tony’s other significant works: the complementary survey, also with Peterson, this time covering extractive resources and appearing in the Economic Journal in 1977, the 1976 Cicchetti, Fisher and Smith Econometrica paper on the Mineral King Controversy, the 1974 JEEM paper with Krutilla on long run ecological consequences and irreversibilities, and the 1987 JEEM paper with Hanemann on quasi-option value

    Environmental economists should be particularly grateful for Tony’s early “distillations and explications.” The general acceptance of a newly independent field of economics (like environmental and resource economics during the 1970’s) is greatly enhanced by coherent and thoughtful inventories of the main issues and key theoretical insights.

    Tony’s abiding interest in problems of uncertainty and irreversibility in environmental and resource policy have led him, more recently, into a number of collaborations which examine issues related to climate change. The enormity of how to approach the climate problem certainly warrants Tony’s brand of horsepower.

    For his numerous and continuing contributions to our field and his conscientious and generous service to AERE, we induct Anthony C. Fisher as a 2006 Fellow of the Association of Environmental and Resource Economists. Congratulations, Tony

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