2012 About

  • This year, the Fifth Bioeconomy Conference will celebrate the career and achievements of Anthony Fisher, a pioneer of environmental and resource economics. The presentations on the first day, dedicated to Dr. Fisher, will introduce cutting-edge results in renewable resources, energy, environmental economics, and climate change. The second and third days will address both the results of economic and policy research as well as new developments in biofuels and impacts of biotechnology. The analyses will combine conceptual, empirical, and policy pieces. This Conference will address some of the most contentious issues, e.g., greenhouse gases of biofuel, environmental impact of biotechnology, indirect land use of biofuel, the potential and economics of second generation biofuel, and the future of biofuel and energy policies.



    • Resources and Development
    • Climate Change
    • Environmental Economics
    • Resource Economics
    • Economics of Biofuel
    • Biofuel Policy
    • Biotechnologies
    • Bioeconomy in a Global Context
    • Alternative Fuel
    • Economics of Fuel
    • Regulating Biofuel
    • Biofuel in a Global Context


    College of Natural Resources, U.C. Berkeley

    Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics, U.C. Berkeley

    Energy Biosciences Institute

    Giannini Foundation

    International Consortium on Applied Bioeconomy Research (ICABR)

    U.S. Department of Agriculture