2013 About

  • This year, the Sixth Annual Berkeley Bioeconomy Conference will focus on the alternative paths of the evolution of the bioeconomy, including biofuels, agricultural biotechnology, and green chemistry.  The Conference will include general sessions on the evolution of the technological and policy challenges facing the bioeconomy as well as analyses of the political-economy considerations shaping the bioeconomy.  We will address specific sectors, in particular biofuel in Brazil and agricultural biotechnology.  We will also highlight up-and-coming biofuels and the interaction of biofuel and biodiesel.


    Sessions Include:


    • State of Bioeconomy (State of Biofuel)
    • Brazil and the Challenges of an Expanding Bioindustry
    • Evolution of Energy Systems
    • Round Table on Brazil
    • Environmental Considerations
    • Development of Biotechnology
    • The Bioeconomy Within a Larger Context
    • The Political Economy of the Bioeconomy
    • Alternative Fuels





    College of Natural Resources, U.C. Berkeley

    Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics, U.C. Berkeley

    Energy Biosciences Institute

    Giannini Foundation