2014 About

  • The Bioeconomy Conference will highlight economic and policy issues related to biofuel and various biotechnologies in agriculture.  Sessions will address biofuel policies and their implications, in particular, the future of biofuel policies (e.g., the renewable fuel standards in the United States), the economics of alternative forms of biofuel, and the role of biofuel within a more diverse renewable energy portfolio (e.g., the relationship between biofuel and alternative forms of solar energy).  We will emphasize the impacts of biofuel and biofuel policies on the environment and on the poor and feature sessions on the political economy of biofuel policies and biofuel in Brazil.


    In the area of biotechnology, we will present results on the economic and environmental impacts of biotechnology and biofuel regulation as well as results on the political economy of biotechnology.  We will emphasize the adoption and future of biofuel and biotechnology in Africa and the impacts of technology transfer and intellectual-technology arrangements on the dynamics of both technologies.





    College of Natural Resources, U.C. Berkeley

    Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics, U.C. Berkeley

    Energy Biosciences Institute

    Giannini Foundation