2015 About

  • The Eighth Annual Berkeley Bioeconomy Conference will present developments of research on the bioeconomy (including biofuel, biotechnology, and green chemistry) and identify future research directions. The first day will be dedicated to the analysis of both past performance and future prospects of the biofuel sector as well as renewables beyond biofuel.  The second day will focus on the use of forests for biofuel, the global perspective of the bioeconomy, and the economics of regulating biotechnology.

    Sessions of the Conference will include:

    1. Assessing the performance of biofuel in retrospect
    1. Future of biofuel in light of changes in the energy and food markets
    1. Renewables beyond biofuel
    1. Biofuel in the forest sector
    1. Cost of regulating biotechnology
    1. International perspective on the bioeconomy
    1. Biofuel in Brazil–potential versus reality
    1. Bioeconomy and the environment



    Iowa State University

    Giannini Foundation

    College of Natural Resources, U.C. Berkeley

    Energy Biosciences Institute